Your 7 Natural Womanly Powers – The Bliss Of Mastery (Part 3/3)

In this final part of the trilogy series of “7 Natural Womanity Powers”, you will find out how much bliss, joy, happiness, peace (and every other adjective that causes you to love your life!) you will experience with well expressed and balanced powers.

Power of Wholeness

  • Be clear on what you were born to accomplish in this lifetime,
  • Discover how to use creativity in a way that is perfectly aligned with your authentic self,
  • Have clear goals, time management skills and feel worthy as you do it all,
  • Learn to ground yourself powerfully to then produce your best work,
  • Live a purposeful life and feel at peace with your own death.

Power of Wisdom

  • Learn to make choices based on the things that truly matter to you,
  • Know how to have the discipline and courage to pursue your dreams, goals and deep desires,
  • Love life again, feel connected to your community and loved ones,
  • Learn to meditate and love being alone with yourself,
  • Learn how to use your inner-strengths to say no when required and appropriate,
  • Ability to rely on your intuition and wisdom to make decisions in life.

Power of Expression

  • Excellent communication and rapport skills,
  • Find out the source of what was never expressed fully,
  • Become comfortable with oneself and be brave,
  • Become an excellent listener and express your compassion safely as a woman,
  • Find freedom within your self-discipline and become a strong woman at your “roots”.

Power of Love

  • Unconditional feeling of self-love and practice of surrender,
  • Ability to connect when appropriate with others, comfortable alone,
  • Speak your truth and know how to ask for what you need,
  • Wake-up motivated with meaningful projects ahead,
  • Learn how to forgive, feel safe and at peace in your heart.

Power of Self-Acceptance

  • Start every day filled with energy and gratitude,
  • Behave in a way that is self-respecting, put yourself first with integrity and courage,
  • Face your deepest problems (your “demons”) and find lasting solutions,
  • Understand trust and be clear on your personal strengths,
  • Feel worthy of love, abundance and success as you redefine who you are.

Power of Honor

  • Decisions made from a place of inner-power and self-love,
  • Ability to speak your truth and make choices that feel right on every level,
  • Understand what trust means and know how to use it wisely,
  • Ability to delegate and ask for help when needed,
  • Feel in control and have a healthy relationship with time.

Power of Creation

  • Rediscover your sexuality and love sex (again…?),
  • Feeling safe and open to new healthy relationships (in love and other contexts too),
  • Exercise regularly, reconnect with your body, feel energised,
  • Know what to focus on, have clear goals, know your strengths,
  • Use creativity as a source for all work, be inspired by life.

If you’re a bit of an art lover, you will know and understand this famous quote from Michelangelo:

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

You are naturally perfect. Set yourself free to see and understand the true beauty of your powers and potential. That is your Womanity.

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