Your 7 Natural Womanly Powers – Impact On Your Life (Part 2/3)

This is the story of the boy who cried wolf. He was told dozens of times that he shouldn’t play tricks and cry “Wolf” when the wolf wasn’t there… He knew better, but he didn’t listen. And so unavoidably, the very one thing that he knew he risked when crying wolf did happen…

The rest is history, but the lesson remains.

  • How often have you learned something and failed to implement it?
  • How many times have you asked for advice, received excellent advice and did nothing (or not much) with it?
  • How often have you read a great personal development book that then turned into “shelf development” as you failed to actually take action on your new learnings?

The boy who cries wolf teaches us a wonderful lesson which needs to be remembered…

So as you read through the ways your Womanity powers may affect your life if they aren’t fully expressed, make sure to pay attention to your thoughts and ideas…

Pay attention and be honest to the fact that you already know so much, but haven’t taken action on many of your life’s learnings and continued to struggle in many ways in your life.

>> So do you relate with any of these statements?

Power of Wholeness

  • Unsure about your life’s purpose
  • Unable to sit still for longer than a few moments (always active)
  • Feeling disconnected to life as a whole
  • Not spending enough time in nature

Power of Wisdom

  • General lack of intuition in life
  • A tendency to be naive and often used by others
  • Struggle to remain focussed for long amounts of time
  • Feeling of apathy: Lack of interest, concern or enthusiasm in life

Power of Expression

  • Doubtful and uncertain about one’s own decisions and word
  • Lack of integrity or honesty
  • Poor listener, someone who talks over others a lot
  • Lack of discipline, feebleness and self-indulgence

Power of Love

  • Resistance to love
  • Emotionally disconnected from self and others, unforgiving
  • Unable to express oneself with full integrity and centered-ness
  • Feeling closed off and uninspired by life

Power of Self-Acceptance

  • Dull energy, unable to put oneself “out there”
  • Acts against one’s own best interests and lack of self-respect
  • Lives with deep unresolved emotional issues
  • Feeling of insecurity and self-doubt

Power of Honour

  • General state of low energy, deep feeling of exhaustion
  • “Control freak”
  • Fearful in most life situation, untrusting of life and others
  • Unauthentic lifestyle

Power of Creation

  • Disconnected from one’s own sexuality
  • Feeling closed and unsafe around men
  • Lifeless and inactive lifestyle
  • Feeling rootless and unfocused

Knowledge is great, but it doesn’t do anything to us until we’ve applied it into our lives… Until the practices become habits… Until the habits become a part of us that we cannot live without.

From today on, notice the powers that you know are working up to their potential within yourself and the ones that are still unstable. This awareness is the very first and the most important step in your personal growth journey, because that is the day we catch ourselves before crying wolf and start creating positive change in our lives.

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