Your 7 Natural Womanity Powers: What Are They? (Part 1/3)

Everyone wants to feel powerful in a way or another.

Maybe it’s by being brilliant at sports;

Maybe that’s by leading a team of ten with ease and flow;

Maybe it’s by accomplishing something no one believed you could achieve;

Or maybe it’s by raising children in a way that heals you and your past.

Human beings are born powerful. We know it of men as an obvious “fact”, but many still struggle to reconcile the real world with it for us women.

Your Womanity is the gathering of your natural powers. There’s nothing magic or airy fairy here either, it’s a simple collection of strengths and qualities. When these qualities are mastered and expressed to their fullest, women live powerful lives where their natural beauty, heart, needs, fulfilment, and desires are met.

The first step is to understand what they are:

  1. The power of wholeness: The feeling of completeness that is founded upon a deep sense of peace and joy no matter what the outer world circumstances.
  2. The power of wisdom: The ability to discern the truth from the stories we tell ourselves aligned with the knowledge to create space within each context to find and create powerful solutions
  3. The power of expression: The understanding of what truly matters to you and the knowledge to know how to express it with compassion, confidence and charisma.
  4. The power of love: The emotional intelligence to rely on your integrity and self-esteem to live, learn and lead.
  5. The power of self-acceptance: The strength and vulnerability to know yourself, your true purpose in life and the courage to go out in the world to pursue it.
  6. The power of honour: The deep respect of your authentic self in thoughts, words and actions with yourself and with others.
  7. The power of creation: The resourcefulness to tap into your intuitive knowledge and physicality to replenish your energy.

On the next post (2/3), we will look at the real world impact these powers have on your life when they’re not expressed freely.

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