Let's Connect In Person. Here's How...

Join me for a two hour focused session on Womanity's most popular topics. From time management to resolving overwhelm you will leave feeling a buzz of genuine motivation within.

All updates on times and location of upcoming events are posted on my Facebook page. If you'd like to invite me to your city to run a Morning Tea session on a specific topic, please get in touch!

Because every woman can use a yearly time out from life... Enjoy undisturbed days to learn, connect, rest and grow under Alex's personalised guidance. The sanctuaries are held once a year in each location: Byron Bay (AUS) and California (USA).

Only 9 places available per sanctuary event, so you can enjoy my full attention. Read more...

Wether you want to motivate and reconnect your team or wish to inspire your audience, I'll design a presentation that meets your objectives, which means that your audience will leave feeling engaged, energised and inspired.

Hire me to speak at your event, podcast or business meeting.

Claim your right to a life of love, abundance, and success.


Learn The Art Of Being Naturally Powerful & Have It All In Life