Congratulations and welcome to...


Congratulations on your commitment to the mastery of your Womanity by way of the Wild Card program.

There's a welcome email waiting for you in your inbox right now... if you need help or support at any point, simply hit reply to any of the emails you receive, and me or my team will get back to you within 24 hours. As a Wild Card member, you get priority support.

In the email, look forward to receiving: Your access details to the members-only area of the website, an invitation to book your Wild Card Matinee session, and your private access link to join our members only Facebook group.

Here's what you now have access to as a Wild Card member:

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    Your Spot In Wild Card Is Now Secured!

    I will be in touch shortly to help you book your matinee together. Be assured that your 12 months mentoring only begins on the day of that matinee, so for now, you can relax and do something nice to celebrate your choice to do something significant and truly wonderful for yourself by joining this program!

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    Fill out the Wild Card questionnaire

    In your welcome email, you will receive the access to your Wild Card questionnaire. Please allow 30 minutes to make sure that you complete the form thoroughly.

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    Matinee With Alex

    Then we'll have our initial planning session called "matinee". To get a strong head start, we make full assessment of your relationships, habits, business and other areas of your life. Although you’ll play your Wild Card in one area of life, I truly believe in a holistic approach. This means that you will get results in all other areas of your life as a side-effect of choosing Wild Card (…because everything is connected).

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    DFY Wild Card Project

    Upon completing our Matinee together, I’ll create a thorough step-by-step plan for you to complete over the following twelve months. If you ask for a “future goals” plan, this will be discussed in our matinee together. (3-5 year projects) We'll allow up to two weeks for that process as we’ll require some back and forth until we’re both perfectly happy with the final plan.

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    Twelve Months Of Mentoring

    For the duration of our twelve months together, you will get:
    - 12 hours of one-on-one mentoring sessions with me to be booked at your convenience. (take breaks during your holidays and busy times, or work harder for a few months, you're in control of the intensity and will never feel overwhelmed by the process)
    - You’ll get hands-on feedback, review of work done, accountability checks, personal coaching, business coaching, virtual hugs and “you can do better” pushes as needed.
    - Private Voxer access to communicate with me one-on-one between our calls… Here you can share documents for review, emergencies, quick questions to move on, daily motivation, etc. I’ll be working on aspects of your project too so this will be very much two-sided communication, daily support and progress updates.
    - Access to resources, tools and introductions to my circle of contacts whenever required.

Congratulations again!

I'm excited to be working with you, and look forward to helping you revolutionise one big area of your life by playing your Womanity Wild Card.

With gratitude,

Alex has a wonderful way of bringing the best out of you by encouraging bravery and determination. Sometimes we all need that someone that will be firm but fair and make you keep your own promises. Alex is definitely that woman, because she believes in you and your capabilities.

- Deborah Laws


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