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  • Overcome overwhelm once and for all.
  • Increase your productivity and work less hours. (also called "Having a life!")
  • Master the art of having a personal life while meeting all your work priorities.
  • Set-up leveraged systems in your business to boost your operations.
  • Upgrade your leadership and communication skills with your clients and team.


“You are a life changer and have impacted my way of thinking dramatically. You are extraordinary." Catherine Fennell

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Women Sharing Their Love

Alex is a compassionate coach who cares deeply about people.

Her powerful strategies helped me change my thinking and approach to some of life's big challenges. In particular helping me understand that my work life and home life don't have to compete.

They both give me purpose and meaning.

Since resolving my thinking, life as a small business owner has been much more joyful!

Cathy Clur (QLD)
Cathy Clur (QLD)

There has been many a moment when I was ready to lose my shit, and the good old Alex voice popped into the back of my head and talked me through.

Peta Hungerford (VIC)
Peta Hungerford (VIC)

Alexandra is relevant, insightful and inspiring. She is a marvellous mentor for all women, regardless of age, or personal circumstance.

Lee Brant (QLD)
Lee Brant (QLD)

“You have truly changed my mindset, both personally and in business.” Marnie Nelson-Petch

My life's story

Hi, I'm Alex. I'm a former professional ballerina turned author and successful entrepreneur.

But I am also a wife, and mother of two children. My life is just like yours in many ways: sexy some days and a total mess others. But no matter what, every day, I do my very best to be grateful for all the love, success and abundance in my life. 

My commitment to continuous personal growth and positive impact on our world is the reason that motivates me to get out of bed every day.

And I'm truly committed to help you find your life's purpose too, and help you to embody it fully.

As a dancer, I was lucky to work with many of today’s greatest choreographers and ballet masters from the Paris Opera Ballet, New York City Ballet, Sydney Dance Company, and more. However, my career was abruptly stopped because of a devastating knee injury.

After spending a few years working as a remedial sports massage therapist, I decided it was time for me to use my knowledge in the dance world to make a positive impact in that ruthless industry.

That's how I came to be the proud author of “How To Be A Ballet Dancer” (2012), an information-packed book for the teenage dancer. Soon after the book launch, I created the International Ballet Workshop series touring Australia and New Zealand. These events were designed to offer career opportunities to young dancers who desire a professional career in dance.

A few months later, I decided to take over a failing rural dance studio, and in less than 18 months, turned it into a very busy and industry leading studio in NSW, Australia.

I was very successful running my businesses and everything looked well on track for me to have a lifetime career in dance as I had envisioned.

But everything changed in late 2015...

After becoming very ill, I ended up in hospital fighting for my life. As a result, I became permanently deaf in one ear with permanent vestibular damages too. This caused me to have to give up both my businesses in the dance industry. Losing overnight my lifelong passion, career, and purpose in life, the shock was significant. I had no idea how to live a fulfilling life after that.

Indeed... I had to overcome severe depression, PTSD, major physical issues (like learning to walk again) and a complete loss of purpose in life.

For a long time, I felt insignificant.

I just couldn't see what I had to offer that could contribute to this world.

One night, after a few weeks of struggles as I was working on the sale of my dance studio, I ended up at a point where I had only two choices: give up on life or fight like never before.

Guess which way I went?! 🙂

The work to re-build my life has been what I lovingly call my "twenty years of personal development packed into two".

This period in my life was intense and very emotional. When your entire body feels pain... when you don't know what to wake up for... and when you get intensively triggered by some specific life situations, day-to-day life becomes a war zone where the only goal is to survive one day at a time.

But I always had a rather stubborn nature and this served me well.

After countless hours of meditation, attending seminars, reading books, and allowing myself to be (versus do, do, do!), I was able to reach a point of deep peace and gratitude for the growth this experience has brought me.

And this is when I started to share my story...

And the more I shared it, the more I realised how powerful it was.

How it is a strength I will forever have to continue inspiring people to have the courage to make positive changes in their lives.

I have since been coaching and inspiring men and women from all around the world, and from all walks of life with my story.

Womanity is the result of my best work coming together.

Womanity was patiently and carefully designed to give to women like you my full commitment to your success in business, and to living a deeply fulfilling life.

A Special Message For You

"I'm here to help frustrated and overwhelmed women finally find peace and joy in their business.

Together we'ldiligently work on your communication skills, business strategy, operations, and systems. We'll make happiness your priority as you master the art of being a powerful woman (in business and life!).

Once you embrace your Womanity, the ripple effect on your family, business, and society as a whole will bring an endless streams of love, abundance, and success to all.”

With gratitude,

“Sometimes we all need that someone that will be firm but fair and make you keep your own promises. Alex is definitely that woman, because she believes in you and your capabilities.” 

Deborah Laws, UK

Thank you for pushing me to think bigger Alex! I’m very grateful for your generosity.

Alisa Finn
Alisa Finn

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Productivity, Strategy & Leadership For Women In Business